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SAT Bootcamp
The BARUN ACADEMIC CENTER's SAT BOOTCAMPTM provides the diligent high school student with a proven curriculum of test practice, exercises, and teaching to maximize his/her score for the SAT. Parents will receive weekly updates regarding their student's academic progress. This 6 week program is structured as follows:
6-week Preparation for the SAT
Juniors to take the August 26th SAT and the October 15th PSAT
Seniors to take the August 26th SAT
Practice Makes Perfect
8 full-length authentic practice tests
Comprehensive grading and lecture
Rigorous Instruction
Reading, Grammar & Language:
Learn the building blocks of writing: sentence structure, usage, and punctuation.
Learn to change words, clauses, sentences, and punctuation. Topics to include verb tense, parallel construction, subject-verb agreement, and comma use.
  Intermediate level Goal: 700+
  Advanced level Goal: 800
Drills with over 1,100 math problems
Instruction and emphasis on Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Trigonometry
  Intermediate level Goal: 700+
  Advanced level Goal: 800
Unparalleled Teaching
Over 100 hours of instruction from Advanced Placement teachers in Math and English
J. Jelnick, J. Harris, S. Yoon, R. Harris, A. Myers
SAT Placement Tests (choose one)*
*Required for all registered SAT students.
Thursday, May 25 3:00pm–6:00pm
Friday, May 26 3:00pm–6:00pm
Thursday, June 1 3:00pm–6:00pm
Friday, June 2 3:00pm–6:00pm
Saturday, June 3 9:00am–12:00pm
Thursday, June 8 3:00pm–6:00pm
Friday, June 9 3:00pm–6:00pm
Saturday, June 10 9:00am–12:00pm
Click here for more information about this SIX week program.
June 12–July 15 (5 weeks)*
*July 3–Independence Day Holiday (No class)
Reading, Grammar & Language Lectures Mondays 1:50–3:50pm
Math Lectures Wednesdays 1:50–3:50pm
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Fridays 1:00–5:30pm
August 17–19 (1 week)
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Thursday 4:00–8:00pm
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Friday 4:00–8:00pm
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Saturday 8:00am–1:00pm
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