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Math 1 Acceleration Program
MATH 8 (MSMAP) is designed for the end of course (EOC) test for MATH 1 INTEGRATED placement the following year. This course introduces the language and methods of algebra. Instruction will focus on 4 critical areas:
Expressions and Equations: Solve real-world and mathematical problems of two linear equations in two variables algebraically, and estimate solutions by graphing the equations.
Functions: Interpret the equation y=mx+b as defining a linear function. Construct a function to model a linear relationship between two quantities.
Geometry: Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown side lengths in right triangles in real-world and mathematical problems in two and three dimensions. Apply the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.
Statistics and Probability: Construct and interpret scatter plots for bivariate measurement data to investigate patterns of association between two quantities.
Students will be required to attend twice a week (one lesson to emphasize problem solving and word problems and the other to reinforce accuracy). Students are expected to complete additional exercise problem sets for homework. CAASPP test preparation will be integrated in the weekly lectures. Students can expect homework, quizzes, a mid-term and a final. Grades will be given.
M01A MATH 8 (Math 1 INT Placement-MSMAP)
January 29—April 28 (13 weeks)*
*April 2—7 (Spring Recess)
Wednesdays 4:00-6:00pm ADNAMS
January 29—June 8 (19 weeks)*
*April 2—7 (Spring Recess)
*May 28 (Holiday)
Mondays 4:00-6:00pm ADNAMS
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