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BARUN ACADEMIC CENTER's IQ CLINIC is designed to familiarize and to teach strategies and problem sets for both the OLSAT and the NNAT.
The Otis-Lennon School Ability Tests (OLSAT) assesses verbal and nonverbal reasoning abilities that are related to success in school. Although the Total score is the best overall indicator of school-learning ability, a student's ability to learn in school is dependent on both types of skills. The Verbal processes measured are Verbal Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning. Nonverbal processes are Pictorial Reasoning, Figural Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The OLSAT includes:
The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) is a nonverbal measure of general ability. The 4 different types of questions that compose the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test include: Pattern Completion (identify the missing portion), Reasoning by Analogy (recognize relationships between various geometric shapes), Serial Reasoning (recognize sequence of shapes), and Spatial Visualization (combine two or more objects and determine the resulting figure).
Tasks such as detecting likenesses and differences (NNAT & OLSAT), classifying (NNAT & OLSAT), establishing sequence (NNAT & OLSAT), recalling words and numbers (OLSAT), defining words (OLSAT), following directions (OLSAT), solving arithmetic problems (OLSAT), and completing analogies (OLSAT) have been shown to be valid measures of an individual's ability to reason logically.
simulated, timed practice OLSAT and NNAT tests
test taking strategies
August 17—27, 2019 (2 weeks)
Saturday, August 17 8:00am—12:00pm  
Tuesday, August 20 4:00pm—6:00pm  
Friday, August 23 4:00pm—6:00pm  
Saturday, August 24 8:00am—12:00pm  
Tuesday, August 27 4:00pm—6:00pm  
The IQ ClinicTM (OLSAT and NNAT preparation) begins August 17, 2019.
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