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12th Grade
SAT Bootcamp
The BARUN ACADEMIC CENTER'S SAT BOOTCAMP provides diligent high school seniors with a proven curriculum of practice tests, lecture materials, and direct instruction to maximize their scores for the SAT.  This FOUR week course is intended to prepare the student for the SAT October 6th.  Parents will receive weekly updates regarding their student's academic progress.  Only 12th graders will be accepted.  The program is structured as follows:
Practice Makes Perfect
4 full-length practice tests
Rigorous Instruction
Writing: Completion, review, and grading of 4 essays
Reading Comprehension: Exposure to over 1,000 vocabulary words, practice with over 20 reading passages
Math: Drills with over 500 math problems
Daily homework with weekly quizzes
September 7—September 28 (4 weeks)
Real Practice Tests & Lectures Saturdays 8:00am—2:30pm
College Essay
The COLLEGE ESSAY for the 12th grader is designed to achieve two goals for the aspiring college application:  1)  Best express the student's individual talents and record of achievement with compelling, concise writing and 2)  Assist the student in making him/her appear as attractive as possible to a student's top choice schools.  Each meeting will offer writer's workshops and one-to-one individualized attention specifically tailored to enhance the student's portfolio.  Instructor has proven experience in helping diligent students gain admission to each Ivy League university (Harvard, Yale, Cornell, etc.), other top private universities (e.g. Stanford. Amherst, etc.), and top University of California colleges.
The schedule for the College Essay Preparation course
will be released September 4, 2019.
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