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AP Chemistry
The BARUN ACADEMIC CENTER AP CHEMISTRY course is designed to prepare students for the equivalent of a college introductory chemistry course usually taken by chemistry majors during their first college year. This course meets the objectives of a general chemistry course, where students attain a depth of understanding of fundamentals and a reasonable competence in dealing with chemical problems. The course contributes to the development of the students' abilities to think clearly and to express their ideas, orally and in writing, with clarity and logic. Course content broadly covers:
Structure of matter: including atomic theory and structure; chemical bonding; nuclear chemistry
States of matter: including laws of gases; kinetic molecular theory; liquids and solids phase diagrams; solubility
Reactions: including reaction types; stoichiometry; concept of dynamic equilibrium; kinetics; thermodynamics
Descriptive chemistry: including chemical reactivity; periodic table relationships; introduction to organic chemistry
Students can expect homework, quizzes, a mid-term and a final. Grades will be given.
June 18—July 19 (5 weeks)*
*July 4 & 5—Independence Day Holiday (No class)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:40-5:40pm VO
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